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What is a Capital Campaign?

In January 2015 Ebenezer Baptist Church launched a five-year fundraising campaign to raise $4.5 million dollars to accomplish major capital improvement and debt reduction goals. These goals include: Reducing the mortgage principal and improving building and ground facilities; Remodel the Education Building into a Youth Zone; Develop a world class Children’s Chapel, College and Church School Ministries, including the modernization of classrooms and access to technology to facilitate learning; Investing in and expanding international ministries and programs. 

How can I support the campaign?

There are several opportunities for giving to the Ebenezer capital campaign. Jubilee Legacy Brick Project, Estate Gifts, Ebenezer’s Tympanum bronze relief panel, A one-time capital gift or a multi-year pledge, Ebenezer Everywhere Digital Campus.

Jubilee Brick Campaign

Celebrate EBC’s past and invest in the future of global social transformation by purchasing a legacy brick to be placed in front of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church Horizon Sanctuary. Purchase one or more bricks and cement your family legacy, memorialize a loved one or recognize your country or organization in the mission of social transformation. Engraved Bricks can be purchased at: 16x16 = $1,000 8x8 = $500 4x8 = $300.  Order Today.

Estate Planning

Ebenezer Baptist Church provides a way for you to leave a legacy that will support ministry for ny years to come. Everyone can make a lasting difference and leave a legacy that supports our faith. Through wise estate planning, significant dollars are normally diverted from taxes, probate, and legal costs and redirected to the Lord's work (without decreasing the amount of inheritance family members will receive)!  EBC’s Christian-based estate planning, allows members to make generous gifts to their church while they are living, in addition to what they plan to leave after they depart this life.  Contact us for details.

Ebenezer's Tympanum Bronze Relief Panel

As a member, friend or both, a legacy gift is an opportunity to make a powerful and enduring declaration of support to “America’s Freedom Church,” Ebenezer Baptist Church. Legacy G $50,000 to $100,000 A legacy gift entitles and ensures your name or designated name to be permanently engraved in the Tympanum Bronze Relief Panel affixed to Ebenezer Baptist Church Horizon Sanctuary.  Contact us for details.

Ebenezer Everywhere Digital Campus

Ebenezer Everywhere Digital Church will become an international ministries and programs platform, emerging a global church campus for reaching and teaching the word of God and message of Jesus Christ. 

Members, guests, partners, donors, leaders, staff, community, and associates will engage, collaborate, and communicate in real-time ministry services, education, events, and activities that are centered around bring the hearer to Christ and encouraging and equipping people to emerge their God-given talents and spiritual gifts for individual growth and social transformation.

Through expanded reach, this initiative will transform how ministry is shared through a national and global perspective for serving human and social justice needs.  Contact us for details.

How can I find out more?

The Capital Campaign Committee would be happy to assist you in obtaining further information on the programs.  

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